Vim + Vigor Candle Co is centered around a goal to create handcrafted, natural soy candles using contemporary fragrance. Our candles not only burn cleanly, but also bring a refreshing energy to the space they fill. Candles are our passion and Vim + Vigor perfectly describes our venture. Vim drives our ability to create unique and exceptional products and vigor is what allows us to consistently execute the distribution of high-quality products. The minimalist brand design allows our products to speak for themselves.

We combine 100% natural soy wax with meticulously crafted fragrance combinations before hand pouring all of our candles in unique pure copper  and natural wood vessels. All of our candles are handcrafted and poured in Phoenix, Arizona.



Vim + Vigor is owned and operated by Kristin Boyd.  When Kristin decided to start selling handcrafted candles in January of 2016 she knew her best friend and graphic designer, Nina Saint, had to be involved. Nina specializes in design and is responsible for creating the simple yet elegant look of the brand. Kristin handles product development and production.

This dynamic, cross-country partnership is the heart of Vim + Vigor Candle Co and what drives its success.