We handcraft each candle at time of order. Orders are shipped 3-5 days after they are placed.
Limited Edition - Arizona Candle

Limited Edition - Arizona Candle

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We love Arizona for so many reasons - vibrant sunsets, beautiful mountain trails, unbeatable winter weather. The list is endless. We wanted to honor our home state with limited edition Arizona candle. 


Filled with our #1 fragrance, tobacco + amber, this copper candle is sure to please. Enjoy the warm, comforting blend of tobacco flowers and amber with a hint of spice.

Don’t forget to repurpose the copper vessel after your candle burns too.  You can use it as a cocktail glass, votive holder, planter, or office organizer. We encourage you to get creative and share your ideas @vimvigor_candleco.

We combine 100% natural soy wax with meticulously crafted fragrance combinations before hand pouring all of our candles in unique pure copper vessels. All of our candles are handcrafted and poured in Phoenix, Arizona.